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moodlight studio

Moodlight Studio aims to create objects that are primarily functional, but above all unique. Combining the desire to fluctuate in a sustainable world, with a heterogeneous aesthetic taste, Moodlight explores new modes of creation. By exploring the possibilities offered by the recovery of organic waste and plastics, the studio establishes an atypical eco-aesthetic line.


Interconnected and aerial, our lights bring a burst of poetry. They give free rein to the imagination: interchangeable, modular, interactive, everyone is then sovereign and can invent their own luminous universe. 

A student of Fine Arts, then of the Gobelins school, Amaury Lonchamp began as a photographer for London decorators and architects. In a few years, accustomed to being around such furniture objects, he was seduced by the subject, and thought of creating his own design studio. From his balcony in London, he experiments, researches, develops, in order to achieve his project.   


After three years of experimentation, Moodlight Studio was created and set up its workshop in Besançon. The collection presented today and the result of this long development work.

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