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violaine d'harcourt

Born in 1987 in Paris, Violaine d'Harcourt is a designer who developed her own brand of the same name.

Sensitive since her childhood to drawing, sculpture and modeling, she undertook studies in design and interior architecture at Camondo in Paris and at the Scuola Politecnica in Milan. After several experiences abroad and in France, she created her first lighting fixtures.

Its products come from a manufacturing process that combines craftsmanship and industry to guarantee customers quality and durability. Thanks to her artistic sensitivity, she manages to offer functional and designer models.

The lighting fixtures are mainly designed in ceramic, wood, blown glass or marble. Convinced that beautiful light brings the missing extra soul, Violaine D'Harcourt's creations are poetic and warm. She uses a color palette with natural tones: terracotta, green, cream, blue, brown... Her collections are soft with a Mediterranean feel. The lines of the luminaires combine geometries and rounded shapes. The whole creates a zen atmosphere whose harmony of colors warms up the interiors.

Since 2021, Violaine has been based in Lisbon and continues to share her work between France and Portugal. She designs inspiring collections such as the Alcoves or Tiles wall lights.

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